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Bell County Livestock Show Scholarship Essay

Scholarship Workshop – November 18, 2017

Excellent learning opportunity for all sophomores, juniors, and seniors to learn the “in’s and out’s” of the Texas 4-H Opportunity Scholarship Program and Application. Youth and Adults are invited to attend! $20 registration fee on 4-H CONNECT that goes to help support collegiate scholarships. Click here for more information.

Texas 4-H Opportunity Scholarship

Texas 4-H Youth Development Program Opportunity Scholarships are academic scholarships awarded each year to applicants based on their academic record, 4-H experience, and financial need (for scholarships for which it is a required criterion). The Texas 4-H Youth Development Opportunity Scholarship Program is conducted by the Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation. All applications must be submitted through the applicant’s county Extension office and meet all criteria to be considered. See the links below for more information.

Texas 4-H Collegiate 4-H Scholarship

The Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation provides a limited number of collegiate scholarships to students who are currently enrolled in a Texas college or university. These scholarships are awarded to deserving former 4-H members who have continued to excel in both academics and service at the collegiate level. See the link below for more information.

Other Scholarship Opportunities for 4-H Members

Stock Show Scholarships

When you apply for a 4-H scholarship, you are automatically entered into the application process for stock shows in Texas. Stock show scholarships are based on your placing in the overall scholarship program.

The exception is Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. You will be considered for the main Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo scholarship in your general 4-H scholarship application, but Houston has other scholarships you can apply for separately. You can only receive one scholarship from Houston so we recommend that you apply for the main 4-H scholarship as well as any others you qualify for with Houston, such as the exhibitor scholarship. See a list of all scholarships available from Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.

The Texas Extension Education Association Scholarship:

This scholarship is for high school seniors who have been involved in 4-H for four years, have shown leadership and personal development, plan to get a college or vocational degree, and have not passed their 19th birthday by January 1 of the current application year. Applications are submitted to your county AgriLife Extension office.

Texas Farm Bureau Scholarships

Texas Farm Bureau offers scholarships for enrolled college students and for high school students who have not yet graduated. For more information click here.

Texas Farm Credit Scholarships

Texas Farm Credit offers two programs that recognize high school seniors who excel in the classroom and in their FFA chapters and 4-H clubs. For more information click here.

4-H weekly Update – .

February 23:  Bell County Fashion Show Deadline

February 23:  State Fair of Texas Scholarship                                          Deadline Online

February 26:   Ag Product ID Practice

February 27:  4-H FCS Coalition Meeting

February 27:  NQB Practice

February 27:  CDM Practice

March 1:  Bell County Fashion Show

March 2:  Bell County Photography Contest Entry        Deadline

March 2:  Bell County 4-H Scholarship due to CEO

March 3:  D8 CDM & NQB  Contest, Waco

March 3:  Photography Workshop

March 5:  Ag Product ID Practice

March 12:  Ag Product ID Practice

March 15:  Capital Farm Credit Scholarship due to          Temple Location

March 15:  Texas Brigades Application Due

March 17:  Clover Kid Meeting

March 17:  Bell County TEEA Style Show & Lunch

March 26:  County Council Meeting


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