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Written by: Asim Razaon November 22, 2017.

Is colonial legacy impeding Pakistan’s progress?   (CSS-2017)

1. Introduction
2. What is colonial legacy?
3. Different manifestations of colonial legacy

(a)Colonial legacy in Political Sector
(b) Colonial legacy in Economic Sector
(c) Colonial legacy in Religious Sector
(d) Colonial legacy in Administrative Sector
(e) Colonial legacy in Social Sector

4. Colonial legacy: the biggest impediment to Pakistan’s progress

(a) Logical Proofs
(b) Factual Proofs
(i) Proofs from Economic Sector
(ii)Proofs from Political Sector
(iii) Proofs from Administrative Sector
(iv)Proofs from Social Sector
(v)Proofs from Religious Sector

5.Causes of persistent prevalence of colonial legacy

(a) Direct causes
(b) Indirect causes

6. How to get rid of colonial legacy and move forward

More and More Military Engagement by the United Nations, is the world moving towards peace?  (CSS-2017)

1. Introduction
2.An overview of United Nations and its major objectives
3. Mechanism and grounds for military engagement of the UN
4. Different forms of military engagements of the UN

(a) Peacekeeping missions
(b) Military observer groups
(c)Supervision of combats through peace representatives

5.Failure of UN military engagements to bring peace

(a) Proofs from Africa

(i)Unsettled crisis in Sudan
(ii)Unsettled crisis in Somalia
(iii) Situation in Congo
(iv)Situation in Chad and Libya

(b)Proofs from Asia

(i) UNMOG and Kashmir crisis
(ii)UNMOG and Pakistan – Afghanistan boundary issue

(c) Proofs from the Middle East

(i)Palestine-Israel conflict
(ii)Syrian crisis

6. Factors responsible for UN’s failure to achieve peace through military engagements
7.Impacts of UN’s failure in military engagements

(a)Political Impacts
(b) Economic Impacts
(c) Social Impacts

8. Recommendations for the amelioration of the situation

Are Modern wars not holy wars? (CSS-2017)

1. Introduction
2. What are holy wars?
3.Some examples of holy wars from history
4.Areas under war at present

(a) In Asia
(b) In Africa
(c) In the Middle East

5. Facts which prove that modern wars are not holy wars

(a)Political Facts
(b)Economic Facts
(c)Social Facts

6. An overview of ghastly impacts of modern war
7.Recommendations for getting rid of the wars and their bloody impacts

Changing Priorities of USA in Afghanistan and Expected Outcomes (Expected for CSS-2018)

1. Introduction
2. An overview of Afghan issue

(a)Russian invasion and US support for “Mujahideen”
(b)Russian exit and the situation afterwards
(c) Establishment of Taliban government
(d) The incident of 9/11 and response of Afghan government
(e)Re-emergence of Taliban
(f)Emergence of ISIS

3. US approach towards Afghanistan issue

(a) Approach of Bush Administration
(b) Strategies of Obama Administration
(c) Priorities of Trump Administration

4. Comparison of Trump’s policies with those of his predecessor
5.Analysis of Trump’s policy towards Afghanistan

(a) Positive Indicators
(b)Negative Indicators

6. Expected outcomes of Trump’s policies

(a) Expected outcomes with reference to political stability of Afghanistan
(b) Expected outcomes with reference to permanent end of war
(c)Expected outcomes with reference to curbing of ISIS
(d) Expected outcomes with reference to economic and social stability of Afghanistan
(e) Expected outcomes with reference to Afghanistan – Pakistan relations

7.Challenges to the resolution of Afghan issue

(a)Geographical Challenges
(b) Internal Challenges
(c) External or International Challenges

8.Cause of shift in US Policy

(a)Political Causes
(b) Economic Causes
(c)Administrative Causes
(d)Social Causes

9. Ideal US policy for Afghanistan issue
10. Other recommendations for the settlement of the issue

Accountability is essential to the development of Pakistan (Expected for CSS-2018)

2.Understanding the term accountability
3.Different aspects of accountability

(a) Political Accountability
(b) Economic Accountability
(c) Administrative Accountability
(d) Social Accountability
(e)Religious Accountability

4.An overview of accountability situation in Pakistan

(a)Situation in the past
(b) Present situation

5.Role of accountability as an essential ingredient of the development of Pakistan

(a)Accountability and Political Development of Pakistan
(b)Accountability and Economic Development of Pakistan
(c) Accountability and Administrative Development of Pakistan
(d)Accountability and Social Development of Pakistan

6.Hurdles in the way of accountability

(a)Legislative Hurdles
(b)Administrative Hurdles
(c) Financial Hurdles
(d) Social Hurdles

7. Recommendations for the improvement of accountability situation in Pakistan

CSSCSS Exam 2018English EssaysEnglish Essays for CSS 20182017-11-22

Asim Raza

Guess for CSS-2018

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English Essay 1. Menace of corruption in Pakistan. How to eradicate that? 2. Will rising wave of extremism lead Pakistan to some serious disaster? 3. Pariah status of women has become a serious obstacle to the rapid progress of the world in many aspects. 4. Unless you have a uniform system of education in the country, you can never expect …

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Hassaan Bin Zubair January 22, 2018627

Thousands of graduates from across Pakistan try their luck every year in the competitive examination (CE), also known as Central Superior Service (CSS) exam, conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). CSS is considered the most prestigious exam in Pakistan as it opens, for successful aspirants, the doors to the country’s bureaucracy, or more rightly, the Civil Services of …

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3rd JWT Essay Competition Winner Essay

Other Writer January 20, 20181,037

By: Saba Noor Accountability Strengthens Democracy Outline: 1. Introduction: (i) Democracy is the rule of majority. (ii) Accountability is the writ of majority. Thesis statement: Accountability is lifeblood of democracies. 2. Accountability – a strong pillar on which democracy is built (I) In governance, accountability is the answerability and liability. (ii) Accountability means surrendering before law and let law rule. (iii) Successful …

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Jerusalem: The Epicenter of Crises in Middle East

Aftab H. Wahla January 19, 2018458

The earliest manifestation of faith is the sacred geography, and Jerusalem, the holiest of the holy cities, enjoys the status of sacred geography for Abrahimic religions. All three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – consider Jerusalem central in their theological belief system. Jews trace the centrality of this city from Biblical historicity and cite the occupation of Canaan …

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Language Imperialism

Asifa Abbas January 19, 2018153

The Curious Case of Pakistan Pakistan is a multilingual state; having six major and a spate of minor languages spoken far and wide. Urdu has been adopted constitutionally as the National Language while English, like during the lordship of the British lords, assumes the official character. The former is the mother tongue of nearly eight percent of the population; it, …

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In Conversation with Ahsan Mumtaz Gondal, 13th in Punjab, PMS-2016

JWT Editorial Board January 18, 20181,020

“I used to read JWT regularly and it proved to be beneficial since it covers a wide range of topics related to competitive examinations” Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Ahsan Mumtaz Gondal (AMG): I did matriculation from Rangers Public School, Mandi Bahauddin, and intermediate from Forman Christian College, Lahore. Later on, …

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Pakistan’s 7 Biggest Challenges

Mian Majid Ali January 18, 2018312

How to come out of the quagmire? Pakistan is mired in daunting challenges on, at least, seven following accounts. 1. Social With a tacit collusion of Pakistani media and some NGOs, social relations are being weakened through the creation of disunity among the people belonging to different ethnicities and religious schools of thoughts. All the negative aspects of Pakistani social …

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In Conversation with ABIDA FAREED (PAS), 22nd in Pakistan, CSS-2016

JWT Editorial Board January 18, 20183,842

“Well-researched articles as well as essays in World Times magazine, were a ready-made source of information on many topics” Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Abida Fareed (AF): I got my early education from Jampur, District Rajanpur. After FSc (premedical), I got admission to Nishtar Medical College, Multan. And before joining the …

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Iqra Riaz-Ud-Din January 17, 2018242

DEFINITION A representative bureaucracy is defined as a public service whose members reflect the demographic composition of the population it serves and to which its policies apply. To be truly representative, a public service would include members of significant sectors of the population throughout its workforce, including senior decision-making positions, not just in lower rank jobs. Pitkin provided the simplest …

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Palestinians Betrayed Again!

Mustansar Hussain Tasir January 17, 2018268

Muslim world needs dynamic leadership  Since the start of the illegitimate occupation of Palestinian lands after the (in)famous Balfour Declaration, and especially after subsequent Arab-Israel conflicts; as in 1948 Zionist forces captured West Jerusalem, then the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights in 1967 and also forcibly annexed the East Jerusalem, international community has been condemning Israeli moves to consolidate …

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