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Research Papers On Cloud Computing 2014 Toyota

The Sixth International Conference on Cloud Computing, GRIDs, and Virtualization


March 22 - 27, 2015 - Nice, France

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All tracks/topics are open to both research and industry contributions.


CLOUD: Cloud computing

Cloud economics; Core cloud services; Cloud technologies; Cloud computing; On-demand computing models; Hardware-as-a-service; Software-as-a-service [SaaS applications]; Platform-as-service; Storage as a service in cloud; Data-as-a-Service; Service-oriented architecture (SOA); Cloud computing programming and application development; Scalability, discovery of services and data in Cloud computing infrastructures; Trust and clouds; Client-cloud computing challenges; Geographical constraints for deploying clouds

CLOUD: Challenging features

Privacy, security, ownership and reliability issues; Performance and QoS; Dynamic resource provisioning; Power-efficiency and Cloud computing; Load balancing; Application streaming; Cloud SLAs, business models and pricing policies; Cloud service subscription model; Cloud standardized SLA; Cloud-related privacy; Cloud-related control; Managing applications in the clouds; Mobile clouds; Roaming services in Clouds; Agent-based Cloud Computing; Cloud brokering; Cloud contracts (machine readable); Cloud security

CLOUD: Platforms, Infrastructures and Applications

Custom platforms; Large-scale compute infrastructures; Data centers; Processes intra- and inter-clouds; Content and service distribution in Cloud computing infrastructures; Multiple applications can run on one computer (virtualization a la VMWare); Grid computing (multiple computers can be used to run one application); Cloud-computing vendor governance and regulatory compliance; Enterprise clouds; Enterprise-centric cloud computing; Interaction between vertical clouds; Public, Private, and Hybrid clouds; Cloud computing testbeds

GRID: Grid networks, services and applications

GRID theory, frameworks, methodologies, architecture, ontology; GRID infrastructure and technologies; GRID middleware; GRID protocols and networking; GRID computing, utility computing, autonomic computing, metacomputing; Programmable GRID; Data GRID; Context ontology and management in GRIDs; Distributed decisions in GRID networks; GRID services and applications; Virtualization, modeling, and metadata in GRID; Resource management, scheduling, and scalability in GRID; GRID monitoring, control, and management; Traffic and load balancing in GRID; User profiles and priorities in GRID; Performance and security in GRID systems; Fault tolerance, resilience, survivability, robustness in GRID; QoS/SLA in GRID networks; GRID fora, standards, development, evolution; GRID case studies, validation testbeds, prototypes, and lessons learned

VIRTUALIZATION: Computing in virtualization-based environments

Principles of virtualization; Virtualization platforms; Thick and thin clients; Data centers and nano-centers; Open virtualization format; Orchestration of virtualization across data centers; Dynamic federation of compute capacity; Dynamic geo-balancing; Instant workload migration; Virtualization-aware storage; Virtualization-aware networking; Virtualization embedded-software-based smart mobile phones; Trusted platforms and embedded supervisors for security; Virtualization management operations /discovery, configuration, provisioning, performance, etc.; Energy optimization and saving for green datacenters; Virtualization supporting cloud computing; Applications as pre-packaged virtual machines; Licensing and support policies

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