Essay About My Mother Land

India is my country. It is a country of villages. Most people live in the villages than in the cities. There are big cities like Mumbai and Delhi. The Himalayas, the highest mountain in the world, are in the north. There are many rivers but Ganga is the longest. We have set up big industries and built dams. We grow several kinds of crops too. India is known for its lions, elephants and tigers. The peacock is the national bird of India. It is a country of great saints and sages. She has given birth to scholars like C.V. Raman, Ravinder Nath Tagore, Dr. J.C. Bose and Dr. Homi Bhabha.The land of Upanishads, Mahabharata, and Ramayana has been the cradle of ancient civilization. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose and Sardar Patel got her freedom. Since then our country has been making steady progress in the field of agriculture, education, medicine, science and industry. Today, we are self-sufficient in almost every sphere of life.


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My country Sri Lanka
My country is Sri Lanka. It is an island situated in the Indian Ocean. It is known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. It is a beautiful country. The largest river in Sri Lanka is the Mahaweli and the highest mountain is Piduruthalagala. The highest waterfall is Bambarakanda.

The capital of my country is
Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte and the commercial capital is Colombo. The president of my country is Hon. Maithripala Sirisena and the prime minister is Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Our national flag is called the Lion Flag. Our national flower is the Blue Water Lily, national tree is Na tree, national bird is the Jungle Fowl, national animal is the Giant Squirrel and our national sport is Volleyball. But Sri Lanka is famous for Cricket. The world’s best tea comes from Sri Lanka.

On February 4, 1948 Sri Lanka gained independence. Our national anthem is ‘Sri Lanka Matha’.  The official languages in Sri Lanka  are Sinhala, Tamil and English.

My country is a peaceful country where all the religions such as Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus all live in harmony. I am so proud to be a Sri Lankan. I love my motherland Sri Lanka a lot.

Naqeeb Shamroz (7 years)
Zahira College, Colombo 10

My father
My father’s name
is Sampath. He is 35 years old. He has curly hair. He drops me to school.
I love my father.

Pabalu Dikkumbura
(6 years)
Musaeus College

My name
is Thenulya.
I am eight years old.
I live in Maharagama.
I study at
Logos College.
My favourite colour is pink.
My best friend is Atara and I love to play with her. I have one sister and no brothers. My hobbies are drawing pictures and making models with clay. I love to eat chocolate cake and drink Milo. Out of all the countries I have visited, my favourite country is Dubai.

Thenulya Weerawardhana
(8 years)
Logos College

Ramadhan is the month of fasting. Every Muslim of all ages takes part in the fast. Ramadan, the annual fast, falls in the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. Those who fast, must neither take food nor drink throughout the hours of daylight. Above all, they must keep away from things shameful, and telling lies.

Fasting can be a little difficult when it falls during summer. Though it will be a little difficult, a Muslim fasts joyfully in any season, obeying the orders of Allah. There are Muslims who love summertime fasting the most. There is a deep relationship between Ramadhan and the Holy Quran. Those who fast, turn again and again to the Holy Quran because Allah revealed it in the month of Ramadhan to our Holy Prophet Muhammed.

Shaifna Aroos
(10 years)
Ilma Int. Girls’ School

How could TV be better?

We all enjoy watching television.
One of the main reasons which we watch television is to gain knowledge. Some knowledgeable channels are NatGeo, Discovery, NDTV Good times, NatGeo Geography etc. These channels are based on all about the world and types of people, natural disasters, ancient and historical places and many more.

There are also other useful as well as fun and interesting channels. For example, FoxLife is a channel which displays different types of food and recipes. They tell us about types of food eaten in various parts of the world.
We as kids love watching animated programmes which can be found on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Pogo and many more. We can watch cartoons such as Tom and Jerry which have a moral.

It teaches us not to fight and quarrel and instead to live in peace, friendship and harmony. News is one of the most important programmes that we must watch. We must make it a habit of watching at least one news episode a day as there are many news updates daily from early morning until midnight.

By watching these types of important programmes we can develop our brain and learn a lot about the world. We can also watch cartoon but not too much as it may affect our eyesight and brain.

Amal Gaffoor (11 years)
Royal Institute Girls’ School

My best friend
My best friend is Sandra. We both go to Kudapaduwa Sinhala Mixed School in Negombo. She is eleven years old. Her favourite food is grapes and her favourite colour is red. She has a pet dog. Her favourite subject is Science and she would like to be a teacher. Sandra likes to read English books. She has a very good heart.
I love my best friend very much.

Anne Hansika (Grade 6)
Kudapaduwa Sinhala M.S.,

Importance of trees
Trees are one of the most important things in the world. They give us shade. When we are going somewhere in the sun, when we are tired, we sit under a tree to rest. We choose a tree because it is shady. Trees give us food. We take fruits, vegetables, grains and green leaves from trees. We also eat roots like carrots, sweet potatoes, manioc and beetroot. Trees give us wood to make houses, buildings, furniture etc.
The most important things is that they give us oxygen to breathe.
Trees make our earth clean and beautiful. We must not cut trees. It takes only a few minutes to cut a tree but it takes years to grow.

Sanduni Jayathilake (Grade 7)
Little Flower Convent, Bandarawela

The moon
In the evening when the moon sets,
The eyes of bats open wide.
Children stop playing and go back home.

Shops are closed for the day,
Darkness appears little by little
And the night dominates.

Children go to sleep,
At midnight thieves come to steal,
But they cannot hide from the moon.

The sun rises and the children open their eyes
Moon disappears and day begins.

Aysha Amani (Grade 5)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

An unforgettable trip
We went on a trip to England for a few months. I had lots of fun while we were travelling. It was a great experience for us. We went there after two days. I was so excited. After we went there we had lots of fun playing tennis. Then at night we settled in a great
five-star hotel. We had our dinner from that hotel. It was very delicious. Then in the morning we went to our uncle’s house. It was near the hotel. All of us went to Bits Park to play. We were very fortunate because it was winter season as well as snowy days. We made
a snowman and played with snowballs.
Then after a few days, my parents as well as my uncle entered me into a famous school in England. It is called ‘Richard Rose Morton Academy.’ It was a turning point in my life. I learned to speak English properly from my school. That’s why I respect my school. My life was changed from that day. I met a myriad of friends called Daisy, Molly and Kara. My sister and my brother also entered into a school. I have never seen snow before that day. We went to see a duck park. It was a fantastic park.
That’s how I spent my trip. I can’t forget it forever.

Dilmi Nipuna (Grade 10)
Tangalle B.V.

My hobby
A hobby is nothing but to have a change in the routine work. It is a happy union of profit and pleasure. Hobby is also man’s past time. There are varieties of hobbies. My hobby is gardening.

I spend my leisure hours in my garden. My garden is in front of my house. I have prepared the flower beds and planted varieties of flowering plants. The plants give out a sweet scent in the evening. I love being in the garden and I watch the butterflies. I water the plants and enjoy the nature of the pure air in the evening. I water the plants twice a day during the summer. I dig out the withered plants and plant new ones.

I talk to the plants and sing to them. I feel as if my plants nod their heads in agreement. All plants are living things. My hobby gives me happiness and some exercise for my body. My hobby satisfies my inner urge and gets an emotional response.

S. Shimeshika (Grade 6)
Tamil C.C., Bandarawela

My pet
My pet is a dog.
Its name is Blacky. It has four legs and a nice tail.
It likes to eat meat. It likes to drink milk. My pet runs with me in the garden.
My dog loves me and my mother. When I am going to school, he is looking at me. My brother loves my dog. He likes to jump. I have one small cat. When I am doing my homework it stays near me.
I love my pet very much.

Julia (Std. 3) Jennings Int. College, Nainamadama

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