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Bus 303 Week 2 Assignment 1

2JOB DESCRIPTIONI would like to write about Dental Assistant job description. “A job description indentifiescharacteristics of the job to be performed in terms of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities to be fulfilled job description serve as a standard or a benchmark for many HR matters such as compensation, performance evaluation, training needs assessments, and promotions.” (Youssef 2.1) I would like to describe the tasks, tools and technology, knowledge, skills and abilities, educational requirements I needed to become a dental assistant and two method; resume and interview, which led me to this job.Applying for job steps:Resume (listing skills, educational requirement, skills and abilities)>Interview (knowledge of tools and technology) =HIRED!First, applying for dental assistant I needed to build up my resume with all of my experience. There are different types of dental assistants and each has their own requirement. As for me I was Endodontic dental assistant, for that I was required to finish dental assisting course from accelerated dental assistant school. Most dentists prefer that assistants have some

JOB DESCRIPTION 2 Introduction Management in a business is a role that is able to coordinate the accumulated efforts of people in order to accomplish the business’s goals and objectives using the resources that are available efficiently and effectively. Therefore, business managers play a crucial role in ensuring that a business runs efficiently enough to generate a large profit. Business managers can be compared to be being the backbone of business operations of a company and hold a reputable position within the company or organization. This paper will briefly outline the various components of that fall under a business manager. It will also look for selection methods for recruiting a qualified individual for the position of a business manager. Tasks The main purpose under the role of a business manager is to accomplish the department’s objectives under which the manager is placed by managing staff, planning and evaluating department activities (Blanchard, 1982). Aside from this large scale purpose, business managers are given ample amount of tasks that once achieved ensure the achievement of the overall goal. Some of the main duties or tasks that a business manager is responsible for are as follows (Blanchard, 1982):  Help companies in reaching their goals and objectives in regards to sales, productivity, profitability, and industry penetration.  They are responsible for supervising a single department.  Managers direct the overall operations of privately owned businesses, public corporations, and non-profit organizations.  Analyze varying data such as department performance, individual performance, and department’s contribution to overall company goals.

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