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The Benefits to Society of Information Technology

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The Benefits to Society of Information Technology

Information technology has had a great influence in our lives. Innovations such as television, internet, radio, cellular phones, etc., have influenced the way we teach, the way we shop, the way we maintain ourselves informed, and also the way we view sports.

One of the oldest advancements in IT would be television. Television has brought sports to a whole new level. It has allowed people to view events across the country, and also to view events throughout the world. It is a great tool that allows the public to know what is happening as it happens. Television allows some of the most respected events to be viewed live, from our homes. A great example of this is the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is now a tradition of American lives, and although it has been for many years, the first Super Bowl game was not as viewed by the country as it is now. Most people did not show the game the importance that they do now. With the help of technology the game could be viewed by millions of spectators and that made a big difference. Producers and marketers have managed to make the most out of it, to the point where even people who do not care about the game or the sport would watch it just for the commercials. Companies will air their best commercials during this event due to the high ratings that this event has. Broadcasters are also able to improve the viewing experience of sports events by providing fans with game-specific content when they want it. Team facts and game statistics give fans a closer view of the game. This ends to be beneficial to both the fans and the marketers; “it allows the fan to get closer to the game and the marketer to get closer to the fan.” (Sportvision)

Television gets fans involved in the action, and puts the marketers in the broadcast.

Another great advancement of information technology would be the use of the Internet. It is a powerful tool that is widely used to get information throughout the world. The greatest advantage about it is that many people have access to the Internet and information can easily be obtained whenever they want. It is one the fastest way to get information about your favorite sport. Information such as schedules, locations, last-minute scores, biographies of the players, purchasing of sporting goods as well as tickets could be done from ones home with the help of the Internet.

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The amount of information you can find is enormous, and to look at all of it would take hours, but to find the specific thing you want is easy.

Among those things you can do online, ticket purchasing has become a very popular feature offered by many websites these days. Most of the websites that offer tickets include sports events of the nation and even throughout the world. Razorgator.com (http://www.razorgator.com) is an example of a way to purchase sports tickets to events worldwide. It is a company whose headquarters are in England, yet they offer sports tickets to events such as basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, rodeo, football, etc. within the United States. Razorgator.com is a website that has over 10 million consumers and is growing. It offers online security when purchasing tickets, and they also deliver to your doorstep. Razorgator.com guarantees the order, offers payment options, has flexible delivery rates, and has a system that allows the customer to track the order. Once again this shows how without leaving the commodities of your own house you can reach any event you were interested in. This has created a great convenience for those who lead very busy lives and don’t have time to wait in the line to get tickets to their favorite game.

People are able to do more with less effort and less time involved. The arrival of the Internet allowed franchises and corporations to reach a much broader market. With the creation of franchises the costs tend to remain accessible to consumers which is one the benefits that we get to enjoy.

Another feature that Internet has to offer is up to the minute details on games. That way you can always be informed on how the games are going, regardless if you do not have the time to sit and watch the whole game. Fans are also able to listen to games that are taking place in other parts of the country, simultaneously with those in the same state.
Technology has also improved the service industry. Now we have many sports cafes, were fans will gather to create a feeling as if they were in a stadium, but without going through the hassle of getting tickets, driving, etc. It has created an established entertainment as a powerful economic force, increasing the market to companies like ESPN, who have online and television access to their target market but also sports bars.

Essay on Dating on the Internet

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Dating on the Internet

It has become today's method of communication, the wave of the future. The necessity to leave the home to do such things as shop for clothes or to go to the bank is diminishing. Business is being conducted more frequently from the home. Students will soon be able to interact with their teachers and fellow students while sitting in their bedrooms. The Internet will overtake all forms of personal interaction, and it stands to reason that this includes dating. From foreign pen-pals to heated Cybersex, the number of people who log on each day is growing rapidly. Those who used to race home from school to run outside and play, now race home to meet their best friend in a chat room somewhere; they've never met and yet…show more content…

All this excitement is just the exploration of the new media. (Women's Wire News).

The telephone cut off the absolute need for face-to face discussions, yet society thinks nothing of this today. Rather the telephone is one of the most important forms of communication in our daily lives. After the telephone came the television. Children would come home from school excited because it was time for their favorite show. Parents were worried. Their children were no longer playing with their neighborhood friends. The "Power Rangers" replaced Andy next door, Saturday morning was for "The Smurfs" or "Saved By the Bell," not Jenny and Tammy down the street. Television was 'rotting the brain,' it was 'replacing' socialization. Now the same can be said for computers. Those same kids are racing home to the Internet. They are logging on to their favorite chat rooms and talking to their friends from Australia or South Africa.

With the telephone there was still the ability to engage in personal conversations, but the value of talking face-to-face was diminished. Television is an idle medium. There is no direct interaction, rather children and adults sit and stare at a screen. The Internet brings back interaction, but at the cost of intimacy. The person at the other end of the conversation is a screen, a typed sentence, a random name. There is no voice, no human qualities. Nothing to indicate this is actually a living, breathing being. The progression is there;

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