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Goals of Corrections

Usually, there are five major goals of corrections distinguished: retribution, incapacitation, rehabilitation, deterrence and restoration. In this research paper I will try to analyze these goals, as well as the efficiency of the current correctional programs implemented for their achievement.

Retribution is perceived as a morally acceptable response to crime. This concept was introduced back in the ancient times and today its level is usually different, depending on the severity of committed crimes. Retribution principles are often criticized due to the fact that jurisdictions mostly follow a set tariff, which often results in different important circumstances not being taken account. It can lead to unjust decisions, such as paying of the same fine for an unemployed person and a millionaire.

Deterrence is usually contrasted with retribution, as it defines punishment as a kind of threat aimed at deterring people from committing crimes in future. It is often argued that deterrence doesn’t achieve its ultimate goal, as offenders usually don’t pause to consider the future punishment before committing a crime, which is why it is practically useless.

Incapacitation, alike deterrence, is also aimed at preventing offenders from future crimes, but usually in a physical way. For instance, imprisonment physically doesn’t allow to commit crimes when being under constant monitoring. Another example is cutting off a hand of a thief, which not only incapacitates the thief, but also deters others from the same action.

Rehabilitation is aimed at restoring people to useful life, which is based on the assumption that people are not constantly criminal. It’s aimed at preventing habitual offending – criminal recidivism. The last goal, called restorative justice, is aimed towards taking responsibility for the committed crimes by the offenders. According to it, criminals should repair the harm they’ve done – by apologizing, returning money or taking other actions.

Although the goals of corrections are well thought-out, it is necessary…

Academic papers on Criminal Justice & Corrections

Drug Use and the Recidivism Rate
This 15 page paper provides support for the thesis that the rate of recidivism among juveniles who had committed crimes while on mind-altering drugs is higher than the rate for juveniles who committed crimes where mind altering drugs played no...
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This 5 page report discusses a number of the sociological aspects of group interaction and relationships in the 1967 movie
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Spousal Homicide: Can It Be Defended?
(6 pp) The significance and use of a successful provocation plea as an extenuating ground is usually that it reduces murder to manslaughter, despite the fact the defendant intended to-and did-kill in anger. The unique feature of provocation...
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Crime Theores X 2.
(8 pp). As humans most of us constantly ask the question why. Criminologists, first being initially human, and second having a great sense of curiosity, ask that question as well, and accordingly have come up with several reasons called...
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MIRANDA: Case and Rights.
(5 pp) A lot of us may only get crime information from television or movies, as we hear the television detective mumble something to the suspect, as he "cuffs 'em." What you are seeing and not hearing is the "Miranda rights." This...
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Protection From HIV In Prison
HIV/AIDS is increasing at a disproportionate rate to that of the general population and yet there remains barriers to instituting preventative programs that go beyond being educational such as providing condoms, needles and bleaching kits. This...
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Americans In Jail Overseas
Justice is often taken for granted in a country such as the United States where the rights of the individual are paramount. This 10 page paper explores the plight and resources available to those individuals incarcerated in other countries....
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Strategies Used to Combat Student Theft by Today's Colleges and Universities:
This 10 page paper discusses the problem of theft on university campuses. In addition, the majority of the paper focuses on solutions to theft and discusses these solutions at length. No sources cited.
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Link Between Global Terrorism / Political Violence and Poverty / Illiteracy
A 5 page paper which examines whether or not poverty is responsible for the increasing acts of terrorism worldwide. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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This 6-page paper focuses on the potential future of organized crime in the United States. Assumptions and predictions include organized cybercrime, securities fraud and intellectual property piracy. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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How Prerelease Programs Help Alleviate Crime In Society
4 pages in length. Qualifying to be in a prerelease program requires inmates to display certain behaviors that illustrate their desire to reincorporate themselves back into a civilized society; once they have been approved into a prerelease...
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The Case for Community Correction and Prevention Programs
This is a 7 page paper which examines the need and criteria for community correction and prevention programs. The bibliography has 1 source.
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Aspects of Criminal Justice
This is a 6 page paper which discusses varous aspects of the criminal justice system to include presentence investigation reports, parole and parole boards, and the roles of the judge, defense attorney and prosecutor in a criminal trail. The...
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Juvenile Delinquency Theories - Choice And Criminal Atavism
A 5 page paper that describes and explains these two theories. Criminal atavism, promoted by Lombroso, claims criminals are born criminals. Choice theory argues criminals make rational choices regarding their behavior. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Justice Processes and Issues in Iran
This 10 page paper discusses the criminal justice system in Iran, to include corrections, juvenile justice, punishments, and government, and how they compare to the U.S. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
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