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Layout Power Amplifier Class Homework

Fall 2017: Radio-Frequency / Microwave IC design 

(this web page is at http://www.ece.ucsb.edu/Faculty/rodwell/Classes/ECE218A/ECE218A.htm)

Co: listed as ECE145a(undergrad) and ECE218a (graduate)

Last updated: 10/18/2017: Please hit the "Refresh" button to see recent updates to assignments, etc.

PS2 Deadline changed to 10/27/17

New Rodwell office hours: 3-4 PM Tuesdays, 2:30-3:30 PM Thursdays, ESB2205F

Instructor.. 1

Lectures & Discussion Sections. 2

Extra evening sessions (makeup for travel, lab preparation, exam review):2

Lab Hours and Design Projects. 2

Syllabus. 2

Exams & other important dates. 2

Teaching Assistant.. 2

Textbook.. 3

Lecture Notes. 3

Other Online Notes. 4

Problem sets: Fall 2016. 4

Homework, Lab, and Exam Solutions (this year):. 5

Lab projects: Fall 2015. 5

CAD Resources. 5

Data and other references. 6

Exam Solutions and Example Exams (Past Years). 6

Technical References. 7

Utilities. 7


Prof. Mark Rodwell

Office hours: 3-4 PM Tuesdays, 2:30-3:30 PM Thursdays, ESB2205F

Lectures & Discussion Sections

Main Lectures: Tuesdays and Thurdays, 1230-145 PM, PHELPS 3519
Weekly discussion session with the TAs A Weekly meeting / review sessions with the TA will be scheduled.In some weeks Rodwell will give a make-up lecture or design review in this time. In other weeks the TA will review the lab projects or key design assignments. Please reserve this time on your calendar.

Extra evening sessions (makeup for travel, lab preparation, exam review):

There will be dates during the term which I must travel. There will often be a substitute lecturer on those days, but I will also schedule make-up lectures to re-cover the material to ensure consistent coverage.




Subject / Objective




make-up lecture





Lab Hours and Design Projects

The class design content will be in the form of a design project (circuit simulation and mask layout) and of a series of circuits you must design, construct on a PC board, and test.You do not need to attend the lab hours posted in the Schedule of Classes.



Exams & other important dates

Mid-term Exam: Thursday Novemeber 2, class period (same room as lecture)
Dead week:December 4-8.
Last Lecture:December 7.
Final Exam:Monday December 11, 2017 , 12 - 3 p.m. (same room as lecture)
(from http://registrar.sa.ucsb.edu/cal2018.aspx,

Teaching Assistant


Email address

Office Hours and location

Sameer Kalavalapalli


Tuesdays 5-6PM

The office hours are for the TA to give you guidance with your projects and assignments. On weeks when lab projects are due, the regular office hour times will not held, and the TA will instead be in the lab to guide you.. The TA will email the class to set up times for these.

Please contact him regarding HW solutions or grading.


A text is not required for this class. The recommended text for this class is

David M. Pozar,Microwave Engineering, 4th edition.

Other valuable texts to refer to would be:

Thomas H. Lee: The Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits, Second Edition


Guillermo Gonzalez Microwave Transistor Amplifiers: Analysis and Design (2nd Edition)

These can be purchased online, new or used, from many online vendors.

Please feel free to purchase any one of these three texts, or none at all.

Please learn to access / search IEEE Explore (accessible without charge from UCSB IP addresses or with a UCSB Web account with proxy settings).The technical literature is an excellent learning tool.

Lecture Notes

Other Online Notes

Problem sets: Fall 2017

Homework, Lab, and Exam Solutions (this year):

a link to solutions will be posted here.

Lab projects: Fall 2017

Please see the notes below, in the CAD resources section, on interfacing to the network analyzer.








checkoff: Oct. 16-18 report:Oct. 20




Transistor measurements

checkoff: Oct 23-25

report:Oct. 27




impedance-matching networks

checkoff: Nov 6-8

report: Nov. 9




Reactively tuned amplifier

design report:
Nov 30
checkoff:Dec 4-5

report: Dec 8





CAD Resources

Problem sets and design projects in the class use the Agilent ADS microwave IC design environment. Access to ADS can be either through accounts in the ECI lab, or via the microwave teaching lab on the 5th Floor of Harold Frank Hall. If you are member of a research group in the ECE dept, you may well also have access to ADS via your group's PCs or Workstations---ask your Professor.

Data and other references

Exam Solutions and Example Exams (Past Years)

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