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411 Perrymont Ave
San Jose, CA95125
(408) 320-7397

With the expansion, the facility and curriculum has only gotten better. The kid's class is helmed by Sifu Rey Garcia who is a great teacher and coach, and all the children have fun in a very safe and structured class. Yes on occasion, Every child earns their treat after showing discipline, hard work and effort in class. So to any individual saying absurd and outlandish statements and comments without ever seeing their child participating during class , should reconsider and reevaluate their comments. Also I know according to the business aspect, there are rules, regulations and policies in place regarding to payments and signing up whether it be adult or child. So it would be wise to read over the agreements and understand the how there are protocols in place regarding your finances. Lastly, this is not a playground or babysitting center. This is a place of business and without a doubt among one of the best martial arts academies in the Bay Area. The prices are fair and there is many amenities offered here. Everyone enjoys their time and doing business here as it is the best place where we altogether focus on the agenda and focus of learning martial arts, lifestyle fitness, competition training and self-defense purposes.

1) This place is a dump.It looks like a disaster area. 2) Rey often (once or twice a week) gives the kids unhealthy ,sugar laden snacks and beverages. I have thought about asking him to stop giving them junk food, but his unfriendly demeanor prevented me from doing so. An important component of fitness is knowing that junk food should be avoided. I don't think this man in even aware of the harm that artificial colours, flavours and sugary foods can cause. A martial arts coach should know better. 3) My son has been going to this place since 2017. He kept telling me about this obese kid in class who would say nasty tings to him and bully him on a regular basis since the time he joined the class. (He has said things like "I hate you ", "I'll call the cops on you and have you killed" "shut up" and other unpleasant and mean things, often before class when no adults are around to watch the kids. My son was in tears once after class because of something this kid told him. I finally told Rey about it 2-3 weeks ago after letting many incidents slide. He said he would keep and eye on them and later told me he saw nothing. He didn't bother having a chat with the kid and upon my insistence Rey spoke to the kids's father about my concerns. It did not occur to him to pull this kid aside and have a talk. This Thursday (2/15) again there was an incident. I mentioned that to Rey and again he insisted nothing happened. I also called the boy's father, who heard my complaints but instead of feeling sorry and apologetic, he said he had advised his child not to talk to my son. I don't care if that kid talked to my son again but both the father and the coach are responsible for turning a blind eye to a bully and enabling unacceptable behavior. Their callousness is not only appalling, but goes to show the lack of concern for my son and the willingness to take my complaints seriously. Just because they didn't see something, does not mean it didn't happen. I let Rey know that if it were my son who was causing trouble, I would make him apologize and advise him to alter his behaviour. I requested the coach refund my money since I had prepaid for three months, and even though this was a special scenario he insisted that he could not refund it because of policy. He is rude, uncouth, unprofessional and unwilling to accept that one of his kids is a bully, let alone take any action. These are the kids who continue to cause grief to others even later on in life as no one has bothered to correct them, even when they were notified about bad behavior. If people in charge do nothing, bad behavior will continue to thrive (Think Larry Nassar). I've decided to stop sending my son to this place. Shocking that in this post #METOO world , people will sit back and DO NOTHING when a bully is on the prowl openly. My son goes to many other classes and has never complained about any other child. UPDATE 2/18 .The owner has commented that there was no such student Meena . Umm of course .. that's because I'm the MOM and Meena is my name. He expects an 8 year old student to write a review ? SMH !!!! He just exposed to the whole world how dumb he is .... These days if you want to save your skin when exposed, you can just use the word "fake" and move on . Shame on you Rey. P.S. I can post the entire exchange of text messages ...so as to REVEAL who is FAKE AND a LIAR. He also sent me the following message "Team Rey`s stands for truth, liberty and the America way.When on the side of truth their is no shame or condemnation.Making Muay Thai and America Great again.Go Trump "Build That Wall!" Hope you get thrown on the other side of that wall. America will be great only if people like you are not in it.

I have been coming here for 2 years now and my experience has been extremely positive in every way. I'm not sure why reviews call this place "a dump" I am a pretty clean individual and I can see that Sifu Rey takes the time to clean the mats and bathroom at least once a day, disinfectant and all. As far as fitness and learning real muay thai there is not a better place in this area. I even signed up my younger brother for the kids classes (10 years old) and he loves it here. There is a real sense of team bonding and bullying of anyone is not promoted in any way. There is diversity as far as what type of training you are interested in. Weightlifting, muay thai, cardio are all available at this gym so there's plenty of options. Classes meet regularly and frequently so there is always an opportunity to come train. Prices are very fair and there are plenty of experienced trainers and students who can help you reach your goals.

This is a great place to get in shape. Rey's experience is top notch!

Signed up 4 months ago. Started at waste 42 now down to a 38 loosely. Did not change my diets much except reduced a lot of sodium intake and cut out all carbonated sodas (except 7up). Don't waste time to come here if your going to complain Sifu Rey is too old school and work you hard. I do blood test every three months and while I was at UFC gym for about a year I thought the results were good. Nope! They are a good cardio gym. So after an injury and out for 8 months my test went to the worst. I joined Team Rey's and within the 1st week I was motivated but exhausted. After all those kicks and pairing up with others and kicking and kicking and so on my core was buuuurrennnniiinnnng. After the 3rd month I did my blood test again. I was shocked. My doctor was shocked. Doctors words were "What ever you are doing, keep doing it. That will be your free prescription refill" My blood test results were drastically reduced by almost 50%. I was in the red in 7 categories. Now only 2 in red after 3 months. Only 4 days one hour workout. I feel great And I still eat my cheeseburger. (No McDonald's or that starving crap diet program) Worth the money. I'm happy. Both Thumps up.

I enrolled myself into Master Reys gym hoping to just learn a thing or two about Muay Thai. I ended up staying for nearly 2 years because I fell in love with the sport and the skills I learned at this place. The techniques and workouts that go about in this gym really help you get into the "fighting spirit" of martial arts. I even ended up being a fighter for Master Rey during one of his events. Obviously this gym offers real deal techniques that helps defend yourself if needed, and also the best workout you can ask for. I only stopped attending this gym because I had left for the U.S. Navy. If I get any opportunities to attend again, such as visiting home from being deployed. I'd do it in a heartbeat. -Steve Tran

The Gym was great. Since I was in Thailand for so long, I understand traditional Muay Thai and I really enjoyed Sifu Reys old school instructing style and "shut the hell up and work" mentality. Unfortunately, me leaving Reys was a much less enjoyable experience. Be sure to give a FULL 30 days notice as stated in the fine print (who the hell actually reads that stuff) otherwise they will nickle and dime you, threaten to send you to collections and charge an additional fee. Suddenly the instructor i respected so much turned on me and began trying to intimidate me. "Its policy, nothing i can do about it". Yes Rey, its YOUR place, therefore its YOUR policy. After trying to negotiate, he said "pay me the full amount or I'm sending you to collections". Having been a marketing student, I know the importance of having customers leave happy and if he wouldn't have been such a dick about the whole thing and not threatened me, i probably would have still given him 5 stars.

Just an update... they have kids classes, too. There's class for the little guys and the older 8-12 crowd! : ) They're also running a special. 10 days for $20! All the classes you can take in 10 days for just 20 bucks. (That's the normal drop-in fee) Worth checking out!

I haven't been back in ages but got in the best shape of my life here. In terms of skill, technique and whipping you into great shape, Sifu Rey who trained with the late great Alex Gong (RIP) of Fairtex is wonderful. Training is very traditional -- plenty of push-ups, sit-up, squats, skipping rope, Thai pad and bag work. The effect? Results would show not only within yourself but you witnessed it amongst the other member's skill and the top honors they would get @ smokers (tournaments) our fight team would compete in. The gym is small but serves its purpose and has for years. He's got a set of free weights with heavy/banana bags and Wing Chun dummy that dot the sides of the room. Mats are cleaned and disinfected everyday, he has a display case with equipment, a bathroom in the corner, and a little tv put up in front of the gym to watch other people fight while you're fighting haha. I don't know how much classes are now but at the time but while virtually every MMA/Muay Thai school in the Bay virtually jacked their tuition because of the MMA explosion that was taking place, after doing some homework, Rey's remained hands down one of the best deals in the Bay Area. I always loved the idea of marital arts as something that destroyed multiple birds with one stone. You get that ass in shape, learn how to defend yourself (& your loved ones), attain self-discipline, and learn about another culture. Ok yeah, sure Sifu Rey isn't Thai or Chinese but he's one hell of an ambassador for the world of Muay Thai and Wing Chun if I ever saw one. One look at his martial arts lineage or credentials and you'll be convinced.

No frills gym. Rey is old school. When I was going about a year ago there weren't that many people there. I think there were 2 active fighters. Warmup is 4 rounds of jumprope. Thai bag workouts are simple, usually start with 100 kicks on each leg, then move on to various combos doing punches, kicks, knees and sometimes elbows. 3-4 rounds. Thai pad workouts are better and definitely more intense. "This ain't MMA, this is Wing Chun! I'll F you up!" - Rey lol, I believe it when he says that.

I have trained with at many schools and many instructors over the years, but this is the school I like to call home. I moved to Los Angeles from San Jose over 5 years ago and continue my membership at this school. I drive up for a week, get in as many private lessons and group classes as I can and head back to LA. If you're serious about wanting to learn effective tools for fighting, this is the school to head to. Rey is incredibly knowledgeable about several styles of Martial Arts and has a great way of explaining things. I've been with this school for about 7 years and 5 of them have been long distance. I can't recommend enough.

I've been going to Rey's for a long time. I love it here. He has passion for both martial arts that he teaches and doesn't sugar coat anything. He's very approachable and will answer your questions as long as it isn't something trivial and a waste of time. He teaches adults and kids. His Muay Thai work outs will work you hard and get you losing weight quick and if you want to fight, then you're going to have to work hard and practice sparring because he won't waste your time if you don't waste his. As for Mr. Christian, let's leave the Martial arts politics to the side please. You have nothing to say about the gym in your statement below and leaving a one star about the gym when you haven't even visited the gym is very disrespectful.

fewwww.... talk about a work out.. i was looking for something to kick up my work out something fun something that gives you a break from the normal routine of a local gym. i found this school through a friend who also was working out there, intense yes but i needed that push Ive now have been there for almost a year and i do not see myself stoping anytime soon, Rey's academy will make you sweat and will push your limits but its worth the results i have now gotten my whole family involved and we are doing it together alot of fun!

I have been going to Rey's for a couple of months now and look forward to each and every class. The training there is excellent, the environment is comfortable and the cost is reasonable. By the end of each class you walk out feeling that you both learned and achieved something. I am exhausted, but feel good about myself.

went here back in the day good starter place learnd good combos taught me how to throw a great roundhouse to the leg n body we never sparred though place is small classes are kinda short it was 90 a month so not to bad idk how it is though now

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