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Research Paper Brainstorming Worksheet For Elementary

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Handouts: Information on key concepts & skills 
Worksheets: Exercises for students 
Activities: In-class activities to be facilitated by an instructor
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More about information literacy. 


Top 10 Research Tips for IU Students:
Introduces key library resources and services
From Topic to Research Question: Steps in developing a topic and research questions
Narrowing a Topic: Steps in exploring and refining a research topic
Identifying Keywords: Tips on keyword searching in databases
Basic Search Tips: Search strategies and ways to narrow/broaden a search
Introduction to OneSearch@IU database: Tips for using this interdisciplinary database

Evaluating Sources Rhetorically: 
Page 1: Questions for evaluating sources rhetorically; Page 2: Illustration of Bizup's BEAM model for rhetorical source use.
Evaluating Search Results: Tips for how to evaluate relevance of search results
Is It Scholarly?: Questions for evaluating if a source is scholarly
Know Your Sources (Portland Community College): Characteristics of a variety of online and academic source types to consider when selecting sources
Anatomy of a [Scientific] Scholarly Article(Capella University)
Reading a Scholarly Article: Tips on understanding and using scholarly articles
Primary Sources: What primary sources how and how they can be used
Useful Terms for Academic Research: Explains terms for different resource types

Knowledge Creation:
Using Evidence (IUB Writing Tutorial Services)
Develop a Thesis: Emphasizes the role of the research process in thesis development

Annotated Bibliographies (Univ. of New South Wales-Australia)
Literature Reviews (Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Staying Organized throughout the Research Process(Lake Forest College) 


Choosing a Topic and Search Terms: Word document from U. of Virginia
Searching OneSearch and Google: Guidance and questions on finding and evaluating sources through the library database OneSearch@IU and Google
Sources as Seeds: Use a “seed” source to identify other relevant sources.
Sources as Conversation: Explore sources as reflections of larger debates and discussions. 
Scholarly/Popular Source Comparison: Worksheet with guided questions for source evaluation
Web Evaluation: Guiding questions for evaluating websites relevant to a research topic
Preliminary Bibliography: Steps and guiding questions for developing a preliminary bibliography


Scope of a Research Question: Class activities on narrowing or broadening a research question and search strategy
Interpret a Citation: Explores citations as a way to locate and share sources

Additional Resources

Library Guides for Instructors
"Big Picture" Video Tutorials (NCSU)
Research Assignment Design
Community of Online Research Assignments (CORA)

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