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Adms 1010 Assignment Notebook


Fall 2005 finalWinter 09 midtermTyped summarized notes for Chapter 1,2,3,4,6,7,8

Adms 2500: all for $10.00

Textbook: Introduction to Financial Accounting by Gaber- SOLD

Practice Problem questions:

Practice Problems- Modules: 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 (No solutions, only problemquestions)two more practice problems question sets


Winter 2001,Fall 02, Winter 02, Summer 04, Winter 05, Fall 06(+solution)


Winter 2011, another date unknown (both with solution)

Adms 2510: Introduction to Management Accounting

Textbook: Managerial Accounting 8


Canadian Edition by Garrison-SOLD

 past exams and quizzes: $13.00

Quizes: 4 sets

from Winter 08 +solution, Q#3summer 06, Q#1summer06, fall 03, Fall 08, one sample quiz(+solution)


Fall 2005, winter 2010(+solution)


Winter 05 (+solution), Winter 07(version 1+solution), Winter 07(version 2+solution), Fall 09 (part1+2, withsolution), Sample Fall 2010(+solution), Winter 2010 (+solution), Common Final Fall 2004 (+solution)

Solutions and test banks:

- 8


cdn edition textbook-chapter based solution manuals - $12




cdn edition textbook publisher Test Banks -$15 (contains true/false, MCQ, problem questions with answers)


Managerial Accounting, 12th Edition by Garrison Test Banks - $3 only (this one not have much difference with the8


cdn edition, contains true/false, MCQ, problem questions with answers)


Managerial Accounting, 12th Edition by Garrison Textbook (ebook, chapter 1-16, 818 pages)- $3

Adms 2511: Management Information Systems (all for $17)

Textbook: Introduction to Information Systems 2


Canadian Ed. By Rainer-SOLD

Summarized typed notes for all chaptersQuiz: 6 sets of web quizzes Fall 2011(+solution)Midterm:Practice Fall2010, Fall09-alternative version(2 different sets; +sol), Fall 2009-original (+sol), Fall2010(+sol), Fall08, Winter09(+sol), Midterm date unknown, Sample Midterm Exams (5 sets; 3 with sol)Final: Fall09, Fall09(part2; +sol) Summer 2008(+sol), Summer 09, 3 sets of Samples(+sol)

Adms 2610: Elements of Law 1

Textbook: Contemporary Canadian Business Law 10


ed by Wills-SOLD


Instructor’s Solution Manual (excludes chap. 4,5,6

- not needed for the course) - $12- Session based chapter notes, typed (for chap:1-17, 19,21,23-25,27,28,33)- $10

 Past exams and chapter notes all for $5:

Final Fall 2005 w/answerFinal Summer 2003Midterm Winter 2010 w/answer

ADMS 3330: Quantitative Methods 2

Textbook: Quantitative Methods for Business, 10


ed by Anderson-SOLDStatistics for Management and Economics 9


ed. By Keller-FOR SALE- Test bank for all chapters for both book- $12

 Past exams: $14

Midterms(All with solutions except W05):

Winter05, Winter08, Fall08, Winter09, Summer09-S2, Fall09,

ADMS 1010 Exploring The Functions Of Business WEEK 8, Assignment 6 Magretta and Rosenthal Article In my opinion the Magretta article is very persuasive. The initial claim the author makes is that  Supply Chain management is increasing because companies are not only outsourcing non-core  activities, but also monitoring these activities closely to maximize profit. The author argues the  importance of supply chain management through an interview with Victor Fung, the owner of  interviewer anticipated the reader’s concerns and addressed them. For example, Victor Fung  states that his business is divided into smaller units and led by entrepreneurs who are creative  and have a fair amount of operating freedom.  He also hints that the company uses a behavioral  approach of management by stating that the company thinks like a big business but runs like a  small business.  The interviewer then contests this claim by questioning the role of the corporate  central to which he admits is very standardized.  From this it is clear that the interview was  interview was very descriptive and allowed the reader to thoroughly understand what the  company’s history and operations. Fung is complete and vivid as he thoroughly explains 

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