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500 Word Essay On Chewing Gum

A very bright middle-school student named Arun Dhingra just sent me a persuasive essay he wrote about why chewing gum should be allowed at school.  Listen up teachers!  I have now sent quite a bit of Think Gum® to teachers who want their students to do better on standardized testing so I believe Arun is onto something.  His essay is below:

Imagine you are taking a math test, but you just cannot concentrate.  This is why we need gum. Everyone wants that refreshing piece of gum within his or her mouth during school.  There are many benefits to acquire gum at school. These benefits can help you perform better in school and help you learn more. Although some say that chewing gum is a horrible idea, when one views the research, they will discover there are great advantages.

One reason we must include gum at school is because it helps in keeping students awake.  When I am at school, I witness many students looking sleepy or wanting to fall asleep.  The solution to this predicament is gum. According to a scientific study by Kathleen Melanson from University of Rhode Island, when you chew gum your metabolism increases by 20 percent.(Source:  www.medicalnewstoday.com) When someone’s metabolism is raised, they are more likely to stay awake. This evidence shows that gum needs to be allowed at school to help students stay awake.

Second, permitting gum chewing at school will help improve your test scores.  According to research conducted by the American Society for Nutrition, they found out that students who chewed gum during class during a 14-week period, had a significant increase in test scores and received a better finishing grade compared to those who did not chewed gum.  This example supports that schools need to tolerate gum in order for students to improve on tests.

Several people might say that gum is unhealthy and is not good for you. On the contrary, gum is pretty healthy and actually lots of different types of gum are sugar-free and have xylitol.  Some evidence explains that xylitol reduces cavities by 70 percent (Trident Company.)    That is a great bonus.  Clearly, you should be able to chew gum at school, because you can get healthier and stronger teeth.

Lastly, gum can assist students concentrate.  Research has exposed that the movement you make when you chew gum makes your brain think it is going to get food.  Then, insulin, which enhances learning and memory, is released to the brain and helps it focus. (Andrew Scholey, Swinburne University, http://www.medicalnewstoday.com)  In the U.S. military, soldiers have chewed gum since World War I to improve their concentration. (Wrigley Company)  With the research stating these facts, it is clear that gum needs to be allowed at school to improve your concentration.

It is essential to recognize that chewing gum includes many great benefits, such as improving students’ test scores, concentration, and metabolism.  Before one sees the research, gum-chewing might sound like a horrific idea. In fact, chewing gum really is a great thing to allow at schools.  So, if people want to improve students’ ability to do better in school, gum-chewing should be allowed at schools.

Most schools do not allow gum, including mine, should it be that way? I was never allowed to chew gum in any of the schools that I attended, but that can change, chewing gum is actually a beneficial thing! It gets someone’s brain working, helps them think of new ideas. Students fall asleep in class, are easily distracted, and are stressed. All of these problems can be solved, or helped by chewing gum, that is why schools should allow gum.

To begin with, chewing gum makes the students more alert. In the article Chewing Gum in School it says, “It also increases the glucose level, making the student more alert.” Chewing gum keeps the student awake, it gets the kid thinking. Chewing gum makes the student’s brain function. This matters because when students stay up too late, they tend to fall asleep in class. When students fall asleep in class, they don’t learn, so they don’t get good grades, so they won’t have a good future, so staying awake is very important!

Furthermore, chewing helps student concentrate in their classes, as many teachers know that that students have a small attention span. Chewing gum can help them focus. In the article Students Should be Able to Chew Gum at School it says, “The mere act of chewing helps keep distractions away.” Chewing gum basically helps a kid focus on what they are doing. All of the distractions are put to the side. Students may actually get their work done!

Going on, chewing gum releases stress and anxiety that many students have. School is a stressful place, assignments or projects need to be turned in, and important tests are coming up. In the article Students Should be Able to Chew Gum at School it says, “One of the arguments in its favor is that gum helps students cope with stress. Somehow, chewing helps kids deal with their stress from school. Chewing gum releases that stress, it helps students more calm.

On the other hand, one might say that chewing is nasty and distracting. In the article Students Should be Able to Chew Gum at School it says, “The sounds are distracting and making it pop can be very annoying.” kids blow bubbles, and it is annoying. Sure, kids can make it annoying, but there are benefits from chewing gum. There should be a rule that students can chew gum, as long as they don’t blow bubbles, and if they stick it under the table, they have to clean it up. Some schools have this policy, which is fair.

To summarize, chewing gum is actually a good thing, even though many teachers disagree. When I was taking important tests, my teacher would give us gum. My teachers always told us that chewing gum helped get our brains working, and kept us awake. Chewing gum is good for this reason because kids are taking tests, doing work they need to get good grades on. Chewing gum helps student concentrate, it helps with stress, and keeps students awake. Chewing gum is banned from many schools, but some schools allow it. Now what are you waiting for, go change the rules.
I hope that you will consider this.

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