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Every day begins with big challenges at your college or university. These can be preparing a speech or writing an essay. It seems simple enough. But when you start working, you sometimes realize you have no idea where to begin. Sometimes, your mind just goes blank. If this is you, then a website like www.123helpme.com will be very helpful. You can search an essay or speech similar to your topic. It doesn’t guarantee a complete assignment. After all, you still have to do further work on your own. However, you will get a summary to start. This leaves you with 70% of your work already done without wasting any time. At www.123helpme.com, you get a lot of good content to help guide you. This website is also very helpful for researchers. Here, they can utilize the analyzed content for their research.

Features & Facilities of the Website

    1. Keyword-Optimized Search Directory:  At www.123helpme.com, a keyword-optimized search directory helps you find content. It delivers all the right things already conceptualized in your mind. This feature shows you optimized ways to write your content.
    2. Tools : At this website, there are a bunch of great tools to help you.

I. Writer’s Block Tool: This tool is specifically designed to provide you the best ideas when you have writer’s block in the middle of essay or speech-writing. You can save a lot of time by using this.

II. Topic & Title Generator: Sometimes, you’ve got your topic or even have written the entire content. But if your title seems inadequate, then use this tool to generate the best, suitable title for your paper.

III. Vocabulary Tool: By using this tool, you improve the vocabulary of your content to turn your simple speech into a fine speech.

IV. Info Page: This tool provides you information about an author or a book title.


  1. Pricing and Payment: Money affects everyone’s budget. But you don’t have to pay a pretty penny for this website’s services. The pricing at www.123helpme.com is very affordable. Their price range is from $0-$30. Some essays are almost completely free. The cost of each essay depends upon their category that starts from free, unrated essays to stronger essays. Essay prices range from $0-$19.25. The price of term papers is $24.95 and the price of research papers is $29.95. Their payment methods include PayPal, Debit/Credit Card, and Bank transfer.
  2. Lost Essay: The service at www.123helpme.com is amazing because they understand what real customer service is. For example, if you paid for an essay, term paper, or research paper and the product is still undelivered, you don’t have to worry. You can retrieve your product simply by entering your PayPal email in the “Lost Essay” section.


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1. 123HelpMe (http://www.123helpme.com/)

123 HelpMe has been offering reliable and quality services to more students and professionals in different parts of the world for more than 6 years. It is one of the most reputable online communities complying with all consumer protection laws as well as voluntary guidelines. The site provides you with original essays, business case studies, speeches, and term papers, many of which are free. Just like other responsible and reputable essay websites, 123HelpMe does not condone any form of partial or full plagiarism. Therefore, you should always cite your work while using any essay from the site.

123HelpMe has a special colour classification system on the left side of the main page for grouping or categorising information with similar characteristics. The system comprises of 7 colours: red, indicating important information that has existed on the site for quite a long time; orange, indicating documents yet to be reviewed; yellow, indicating short documents containing minor grammatical and spelling errors; purple, indicating high-quality documents; blue, higher quality documents as compared to those in purple section; aqua, documents containing no errors, and green for perfect documents.

To make your work easier, 123HelpMe provides you with a number of work tools to help you out: writer's block tool, allows you to enter a keyword or keywords so you can get some good writing ideas; topic & title generator, suggests a title or topic for you based on your keywords; vocabulary tool, allows you to improve your vocabulary, and info page allowing you to search for essays written by particular authors.

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