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Broker Assistant Cover Letter

June 26, 2008

The Hiring Manager


I hope this letter finds you well.

In the interest of exploring employment opportunities with your company, I have attached a copy of my resume for your review.I am seeking the position of a part-time Administrative Assistant, posted on Craigslist.org, where my broad skills and extensive background will be of mutual benefit.I believe my credentials reflect my ability to interface effectively and efficiently with all levels of management, employees, clients, and vendors, and the distinct situations that involve them.

I am a motivated, self-starting, and goal-oriented person with proven abilities in helping uncomplicated the lives of executives and senior management.Likewise, I am highly competent in the overall management of a professional office.I have flourished in my work in the areas of administration, business development, finance, project management, operations and sales.Additionally, I am a creative problem-solver with a talent to steam line processes, improve morale, resolve conflict and exceed realistic goals.Most importantly, I always bring personal integrity, honesty and strong work ethics in my profession.Other qualities and qualifications that I can bring to your company include:

–Outstanding ability to work comfortably and efficiently within a challenging, changing, and high stress environment while exercising flexibility, teamwork, and an exceptionalaptitude in learning new concepts in a short amount of time and utilize them with great ease thereafter

–Possession of a strong business sense honed by years of highly professional business experiences combined with excellent organizational quotient, communication, time management and customer service skills

–Being a take-charge person who can wear many hats at one time as demonstrated by extraordinary multi-tasking abilities with strong skills in seamlessly managing complex and multiple projects under demanding timelines with emphasis on meticulous attention to details

–Being a notary public and currently working on obtaining my real estate license

I believe that it is also equally important to mention that living and working for over a decade in Europe, Asia, and here in the country, while gainfully earning professional experiences, provided me with exposure that has broadened my awareness towards cultures and diversity, a necessary ingredient in todayÂ’s workplace.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you personally, at your earliest convenience, so that we may discuss the appropriateness of my skills and qualifications for your requirements.Thank you for your consideration.I look forward to hearing from / meeting with you soon.


Real Estate Assistant Cover Letter

A real estate assistant is someone who falls in between a real estate superstar and productive agent. This person has to take over the administrative duties from the respective agent; this will free the agent to focus on the selling and listing side of the business. Since the real estate brokers and agents are governed by the state license law, real estate assistants will have to perform all the duties that are outlined by the law. There are two kinds of real estate assistants unlicensed or licensed. A licensed assistant will have to hold a state license, but this person will never practice as an agent. Usually, a real estate agent will have the option to perform all the tasks as an agent. An unlicensed assistant will serve as the administrative aide for the licensed realtor.

Some of the personal assistants will have to work for individual agents, as a part of that agent's team. Others will be serving different agents under the sponsorship about managing a broker. The level of duty will vary depending on the office policy and state license law. An assistant will have to perform most of the secretarial and administrative tasks, which are involved in most of latest real estate transactions. An assistant will have to perform all the time consuming tasks, which will let the agent speed up his or her job of working with the customers.

The educational requirement for this profession is a basic bachelor's degree. If you have the skills and the degree, then all you are left to do is write a cover letter. A cover letter is the introductory document, which tells the employer about all your skills and qualities that will make you different from all the others. You have to divide the cover letter into three paragraphs and it should not extend more than a page. Here you will find a sample real estate assistant cover letter, which will guide you further.

Sample Real Estate Assistant Cover Letter

David Ogata
1452 Douglas Dairy Road.
Hurley, VA24260 276-566-2761
January 5, 2011

Ms. Cynthia Carpenter
Star Estate Agents
2107 Elm Drive
Elmsford, NY10523

Dear Ms. Carpenter,

Today, I am taking interest to write this letter, because I am highly interested in applying for the position of Real Estate Assistant with Star Estate Agents. I am sure that I will be the best choice for this position, and I have mentioned the reasons for the same along with my attached resume.

Firstly, I have been working as an administrative assistant since the last ten years for four professional offices. Out of these three positions were in the real estate industry, these are the companies that I have worked with and you must be familiar with them: Genuine Realtors, ABC Corporation and Michael Hill Realtors. I have helped in making appointments, communicating with existing and some new clients, set up the contract documents, and helped in sales as well. I have helped my two offices with nearly more than thousand sales in all kinds of market. I am a remarkable communicator, well-organized, and I can work well with any kind of people.

I would like to thank you for reviewing my resume, and please ask me any questions or queries that you have regarding my skills or background. You can reach me at 276-566-2761 or e-mail me at o.david@example.com.

David Ogata
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume and References

Try to write your covering letter in the same manner. Keep it simple and precise, because only a well-written cover letter will catch the attention of the employer. You will have to write your accomplishments and unique qualities, which will immediately help the employer, decide that no one other than you can suite this job. Give your best, good luck!

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