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Short research letters

In this journal, we use letters to report data that are not yet ready for publication as a Short Report or full length manuscript.  They are sometimes peer reviewed, but should not be automatically regarded as a peer-reviewed publication.

Please note that letters like any other manuscript should reference any other publications from the same study population and describe the relationship between the two publications.  The publication of data in an abstract book with a doi: and issue number counts as a publication, with implications for copyright and duplicate (redundant) publication.  Here is an example of such a conference abstract

We do not re-publish material that has already appeared in a conference abstract book – this would be redundant publication.   A letter can only be published if it adds significantly to what is already published on the same study population, as is the case with all research manuscripts. The original publication should always be cited.

We usually publish letters as filler articles in the paper journal with a maximum of 300 words if they have no tables or figures, or a maximum of 150 words if a single small table or figure is included. Letters do not require an abstract and should have no more than two references and normally no more than two author affiliations.

For letters presenting outbreak reports or audit reports, additional information may be published online only as supplementary material. This may include data or information that may be of interest to practitioners in some settings but which is too detailed and/or local in its interest to meet the expectations of the majority of the journal’s audience.

Letters should be submitted through the journal’s online submission system in the same way as a regular article and may be subject to external review.

Responses to published work
Rapid responses to published work should be submitted to the journal electronically via the website. Contributors should go to the abstract or full text of the article in question. In the right hand column on the article webpage is a section entitled ‘Responses’. Click on ’Submit a response’ and complete the online form.

Responses will be reviewed by the editor and shown to the authors of the original article, when appropriate.

eLetters will not be included in the print edition of the journal, but will be published online only.

Readers wishing to initiate a debate, or contribute to a debate that is ongoing should contact the blogmaster, This is the forum for debates relating to issues of concern to the journal.

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