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The Sounds Of Summer Essays

I think that summer time is favorite time of everybody. People always like to enjoy the warm weather, sun and fresh air. Many funny things happen during summer.  And is it worth it to say why do students adore summer? The answer is obvious – vacations. Summer is time free of studying, time when you can sleep till midnight and do nothing, time when you can go for a walk and nobody will remind you about your home task and other duties. I hope, I’m not mistaken if I tell that summer is time of happiness. And in this all summer in a day essay we are going to speak only about pleasant things which you can do during this funny season.

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Why I love summer

Summer is one of the best seasons in the year. And I think it is not difficult to guess why. It is three months of freedom, when tired school children and students can breathe peacefully, discard all the textbooks and enjoy the rest. No classes, no early risings, no teacher for the whole three months. Sounds great, isn’t it?

I also like summer for its beautiful weather. Even raining during this season is funny. I hate cold and that’s why sunny weather is always perfect for me. I like summer for the green trees, many colorful flowers, warm lakes and the sea, tasty strawberries.

Summer is the best time for traveling. In our country there are a lot of beautiful places that are really worth to be seeing (http://livecustomwriting.com/blog/top-10-places-to-visit-in-america). Mysterious caves, waterfalls, high mountains and passes. Everywhere I dream to go. During the summer months, we always go with the family or friends on different kinds of trips. I like the mountains and the see as well. It is impossible for me to choose what kind of a rest is better. And I’m very happy if I have an opportunity to visit both places during the vacation time. Mountains are beautiful in summer. The higher you climb, the stronger the wind becomes and the more beautiful rocks you can see. At the top of the mountain you can see the surroundings - at the bottom are small rivers and lakes, and the forest looks like a huge green sea. After a walk, you can light a fire, fire sausages and sit at the open air till the darkness.

But to have a rest on the seaside is also interesting. You can swim and sunbathe as much time as you want. I like to sit on the seashore (on the sand or stones) and listen to the sound of the sea or to see how the waves break against the stones. I can swim very well so my favorite hobby is to swim far away in the sea where there are no people at all. Essay about summer vacation is always interesting and easy to read as it describes the happy time.

My summer vacation

I have told you why I admire summer and now I want to tell you what perfect vacation I had last summer. At that time I lived in the capital of Poland – Warsaw. Living in Europe, you always have an opportunity to travel. I had a perfect company, so this summer was really unforgettable. The Warsaw city is full of interesting places (huge parks, the beautiful river and beaches). Not far from the city you can visit the huge bay. Hundreds of people have a rest here. Here is a great beach, warm water and lots of entertainment. But we preferred to go to the Baltic Sea for the weekend. We visited Gdansk, the great European resort in Sopot and in Gdynia. All these three cities are looks like the same. They always full of tourists and ships. Beautiful nature, friendly people, ancient architecture and of course, the beautiful sea – these are the main reasons, why you should to come back. Thanks God, this summer was full of impressions, new friends and new traveling. I like when I have the opportunity to visit the places I have never seen before. If you have time and nice company, take the chance to visit the Europe in summer. There are many interesting countries and places here.

Disadvantages of the summer

Nothing is perfect on the Earth. And in my summer vacation essay I want also to speak about some popular minuses of this season. But as for me all these cons we can turn into pros. Firstly, it is heat. Some people enjoy it, while others are suffering when it is high temperature outside.

Summer can be boring. Yes, it is very boring in the summer sometimes. Imagine that all your friends are far away and you should stay in the city for the whole time. When you are boring you can do something interesting, at least read your favorite book, watch the film, listen to the new album of your favorite band etc. But, believe me, to do every day the same things is also boring. Your task will think about something new. It is fantastic to start doing things you have never done before. The next con is that summer is too short, you have already start to enjoy the rest and it came to its end (http://livecustomwriting.com/blog/school-vacations-how-long-it-should-be).

And of course, during summer time some of us have exams. It is awful. Instead of rest you receive the hours of preparation and worry about your marks. But we can nothing to do with it just survive this time successfully.

I hope, reading this essay you remembered your own summer vacation and it seems to me, you wanted to turn back that happy time. Don’t be upset, soon will be the time for next vacations and time for the new experience and impressions. And now, while you are still studying, you can use our services and spend less time writing. Our essay editing company will gladly help you.

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By Lisa Kirkpatrick

Peach Season

On the second Saturday in June, I went to the farmers market for the first time this year. It's always a happy reunion -- with the farmers who show up faithfully year after year, with Saturday-morning shopping friends I hadn't seen in a while, and with the luscious, locally grown vegetables and fruit.

Among the heirloom tomatoes and peppers and herbs and varieties of squashes and eggplants, I was pleased to find Fredericksburg peaches. Could it be that time already? The older I get, the shorter the space of time between peach seasons seems to become.

I cruised all the peach vendors' stands and got in line at the one whose wares called out loudest to me. As I painstakingly picked mine out, my friend Carolyn walked up to see what I was buying. "I'm looking for really ripe ones," I told her. "I suddenly have a craving for peach pie."

The peach farmer pricked up his ears. "You want ripe? I'll sell you a bushel of seconds for five dollars." I mentally calculated everything else I had to do that day. I knew those peaches wouldn't keep. But there was really no question in my mind. "I'll take them," I said.

Later that afternoon in my still not air-conditioned downtown kitchen, I spent a couple of hours peeling and slicing the peaches, visions of pies and cobblers and sorbets dancing in my head as I separated the sound flesh from the too-mushy parts destined for the compost. I thought about the miracle of seasonal fruit -- that I could perform this exercise in Texas only in June, and at no other time of the year.

Processing large quantities of produce can be tiring and tedious. Or, it can become a meditation. As I worked my way through the bushel, I thought about long-ago summers when I was in graduate school, living on a hilltop farm outside then-rural Round Rock, where the land included an ancient and neglected but very prolific peach orchard. As I remember it, the entire crop became ripe and ready within about a week, and it was always a contest to get to the peaches before the birds did, and a race against time to get them all processed before they spoiled. I could easily envision those long June afternoons in the farmhouse kitchen under that too-slow ceiling fan -- peach goo up to my elbows, renegade flies buzzing, sweat trickling between my shoulder blades, wayward strands of hair in my eyes -- as I endlessly stirred vast hot vats of simmering peach jam.

That old farmhouse (immortalized as the set for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and the peach orchard are only memories now, buried beneath somebody's suburban lawn. So are those myriad pint jars of peach jam that I so proudly put up in that high-ceilinged kitchen. But twentysomething years later, the catalyst of peaches remains. The peach continuum.

Half a bushel to go, I mused further back to some early childhood summers on the Gulf Coast, when four generations of Texas pioneer women (they all lived in the city by then, but they were still pioneers) perspired and gossiped as they worked through quantities of peaches or mayhaws or cream peas brought back from East Texas, or purchased from black men in wagons on the streets of Houston. "I declare," my great-aunt Jessie would say, marveling at some transgression or indiscretion of somebody. Her mother, my great-grandmother Teke, her wrinkled and bent fingers moving relentlessly, would purse her lips in disapproval but she'd listen anyway. So would I, although at five or so, I had no idea what Jessie was talking about. I probably wasn't much help with those peaches, either, but I somehow felt included in the proceedings, and I wanted to be part of the women's work and talk.

Peaches. I'm glad that I still want to do this. That, despite my urban, high-tech existence, I feel compelled every June to repeat some form of the ritual. That patient peach ritual that is the legacy of my family and of women everywhere -- the gatherers, not the hunters -- who wait and watch and notice, and then get busy responding to the fleeting but compelling bounty of the season. Peach ice cream, anyone?

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